ATARA - Screw Conveyors Systems and Silo Systems  

CENTRISYS/CNP CORPORATION - 100% American Made Dewatering and Thickening Centrifuges, 12 to 14 week delivery and rapid repair service for all centrifuge brands  

DANIEL COMPANY - Process equipment solutions including Envirodyne Clarifiers, Digestion, Aeration and Rotary Drum Equipment among other products.  

EVOQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES - Traveling Water Screens, Trash Rakes, Stop Logs, Parts for power and water plants  

EKOTON - Proves an excellent Proven Screw Press specifically design for small plants and available for piloting.  Proven Tsurumi Dewatering Equipment in the USA and Europe.  

HALLSTEN CORPORATION - Aluminum Flat Covers, Launder Covers and Biofloors 

MFG CONSTRUCTION & WATER PRODUCTS - Manufacturer of Fiberglass Weirs, Baffles,  FRP Launder and Clarifier Covers, Tank Baffle Walls and FRP Grating  

ONLINE ENGINEERING - Stainless Steel Pipe and Stainless Steel Diffusers 

OVIVO MBR - Provider of complete WWTP MBR 1 and 3 Stage Reactor Systems, and Membrane Thickening, Sole supplier of Kubota flat plate Membranes (5000 GPD-50 MGD)

OVIVO microBLOX - Ready to Operate Package MBR System designed to treat flows from 5000 gpd to 375,000 gpd and produce up to the level of REUSE quality water if needed.